Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Easter Weekend

Twenty four years ago on Easter weekend, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. At just six years old, I knew that I needed Him, and I loved Him. I had heard from my parents, pastor, and Sunday school teachers that each of us has sin, and it separates us from God. So we need someone to rescue us. Jesus is that someone.

As God’s Son, Jesus came into our world as a baby, and grew up with life’s struggles and battles. But He never sinned. His mission was to show people who God is (John 1:18, 14:9), and the fullest expression of God’s love was the cross (Romans 5:8). On the cross, Jesus died for every person’s sin who has ever lived. Nothing deterred Him from the mission—not being betrayed, denied, and arrested. Not being mocked, beaten, and scourged. Not being forsaken by His closest friends and from God Himself (He had to be separated from God to bear our sin). He was true to the mission even though it cost Him so much suffering. Why? Love.
For love’s sake, Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sin. But the story doesn’t end there. Sorrow on Good Friday turned into joy on Easter Sunday when He was raised from the dead. His death was sufficient to pay for our sin, and God raised Him from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Alive again. Reunited with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Seen by witnesses. His death was real, and so was His resurrection.

Jesus is alive today, and cares about each of us. He wants every person to know Him and to spend the rest of eternity knowing God and loving Him. Jesus is the someone who can rescue us from a life without hope, who can heal our hearts when they’ve been crushed, who can save us from our sin and from eternal separation from God. He is the Hero. There is no better person to love and cherish the most.
On Good Friday, He died for us. On Easter, He was raised to life. This Easter weekend, may Jesus’ love flood your heart as we celebrate His death and resurrection! He is a living Savior, a personal Savior. With a Savior like this, we have much to celebrate!

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