Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thank You for the Rain

It rained on Mother’s Day. Three times that day I was drenched by the rain. I felt miserable. The cool air didn’t help. The time I spent with my parents, however, was a delight. We sat in the morning church service together, ate lunch and talked and laughed, and watched the finale of one of our favorite TV shows that night. I gave my mom a store-bought butterfly card with a heartfelt sentiment inside. She loves butterflies. It was a good day. But I can’t forget the rain.  

It started that morning and continued off and on through the afternoon. Rain, rain, rain. Even now, as I write this, a gray cloud hovers over my house. I feel like the “rain” has been heavier recently than it used to be. Over the past couple of years, I’ve experienced more “storms” right in a row than I have before. But thankfully, I could run to God, and my family, for cover. He was always there, in every storm. He saw every raindrop. And He helped.
I usually associate rain with the spiritual or emotional storms of life. But my church’s mid-week service changed that this week. One of the songs talked about grace pouring down like rain. That kind of rain brings comfort. I’ve realized this year more than ever that if God allows a “storm” of some kind to come, He will also send the grace to handle that test or trial. He will supply the help, strength, and wisdom to be victorious and to come out on the other side joyful. So if the sky opens up and rains a little trouble on me, I know God will open up heaven and rain down His grace.

Prayer: Father, thank You for what I’ve learned in the rain. If a trial comes, I won’t only see the difficulty, but I will look for Your grace. I will depend on You to handle it well, and to learn more about Your faithfulness and provision through it. The rain isn’t so bad when You’re here with me, and I know You’re my sunshine when the sky above is gray and bleak. I thank You now for the victory, and even the joy, that will come because You’re always faithful. Thank You for the rain, and thank You also for being the sunshine in my soul.

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