Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's Your Orientation?

I once went through an “astronomy phase.” Right out of college, I started collecting books about astronomy, and wanted to be able to recognize the major constellations. I bought the books that had the beautiful, full-color photographs of star systems and all kinds of galaxies. Every day God sees these wonders which are high above us. One of my favorite pastors used to say that the universe is God’s playground.

I had trouble though in learning the constellation patterns. The constellations clearly look like what they are supposed to in the books, which “connect the dots” and allow you to see the outlines of the figures. The lion is a lion, the twins are twins, and the big dipper flies close to its little dipper. My favorite one is Orion. He clearly looks like a hunter on paper, and in the night sky, it’s pretty easy to recognize him, with his dagger gleaming. But the other constellations aren’t so easy. The Big Dipper and the North Star still elude me today. To find the North Star, your orientation has to start from the Big Dipper. But if you can’t find the Big Dipper (like me), you’re out of luck.

To find what we really want in life, our orientation needs to begin from the right place. Do we want love? Do we want joy? Do we want satisfaction and peace? The pursuit of these good things begins in a relationship with God, and the attainment only comes when we keep God as the center of our lives. If our lives are oriented around Him, everything will fall into place. But when we make the center of our lives something other than God, everything will fly out of control and we will end up with chaos. When we make God our orientation, we will be able to find what will truly satisfy our hearts, and we will have a Guide who will lead us through the darkest of nights.

What things do you want to pursue in the new year? What do you hope will happen? May God be the Light that guides you and warms your heart in 2012. We could have no better orientation than God Himself. I hope you enjoy the beginning of this new year and share each day of it with the One who calls the stars by name and treasures each of His children. God bless you!


  1. This is amazing! So true, too. If we don't start with God, we will never be able to find true joy, peace, or even love.

    Astronomy interests me as well. I love that quote you gave about the universe being God's playground. =)

    God bless!

  2. I wonder just how many galaxies God sees every day. Thank you, Tessa, and I hope God guides you in this new year! I know there are amazing adventures ahead, writing friend! ;)