Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vroom, Vroom

Have you ever been happily driving along, and a car pulls in front of you, and you know they should have waited? On top of that, they’re driving well below the speed limit, so you have to slow down.

That happened to me this week as I was driving through a nearby neighborhood. The speed limit was 40 mph, and as I approached an intersection, a car decided to turn right and pull in front of me. Their speed didn’t pick up after they turned, so I slowed down to match their 30 mph trek through the neighborhood.

After momentary frustration, I realized their slower pace was better than my faster one. Caution in a neighborhood is a good thing, especially if there are pedestrians around. The car also reminded me of what God may do at times. If we are headed down a path that’s not good for us, He may get in front of us to slow us down. He has ways of warning us that we’re speeding in a direction that will only hurt us. His warning signals include His word, our conscience, the Holy Spirit, other people, and His still small voice. Sometimes He may use a horn to get our attention. Traveling the right road at a good pace is always the best way to go, but it’s not always easy. If God gets my attention and slows me down, I want to keep pace with Him.

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