Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are Your Christmas Lights On?

I love Christmas lights, especially white twinkle lights. I wish that we could have Christmas lights up all year long. I love driving down the main street of my neighborhood and seeing the decorations on everyone’s houses. The household at the end of the street loves to fill their yard with all things Santa, even creating a lake of blue lights for Santa to go fishing in. The house in the next cove decks its porch with icicle lights and its yard with reindeer. The traditional, English-looking house puts soft-glowing candles in the windows. During the rest of the year, you don’t know who the “Christmas people” are—only when they turn their Christmas lights on.

Are your “lights” on? When people meet you, do they know that you have the love of God in your heart because they can see it shining through your life? We have a light to shine, a light that directs people to God, His love, and a relationship with Him. The good things that we do at Christmas, and all year long, can show people the goodness of God (Matthew 5:16). His joy can put a glow on our face that makes people wonder where that joy comes from, where our hope is found, and why we can keep going even when life is hard. This Christmas don’t let a hectic pace or busy schedule dim your light. See the people around you, and let them see the light of God in your life.

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