Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Constant Sentry

They had been running for three weeks. An American missionary family stationed in Columbia was running for their lives. These missionaries were leading so many people to Christ, that the drug lords wanted to kill them. Once the people believed in Christ, they abandoned their work for the drugs lords, and sought a new way of life.

The missionary family finally made their way through the jungle to a safe compound which was friendly to Christians. There they found refuge. But it was hard for the missionary father to sleep that first night, because he had been guarding his family for so long. In the middle of the night, he looked out the window and saw armed guards stationed around the wall. Now he could sleep, knowing that others were awake and on guard to protect his family.

The next morning the father went to the leader of the compound to thank him for posting the guards. But none had been posted. Just as God had opened the eyes of Elisha's servant to see the chariots of fire sent to protect Elisha, God had opened this man's eyes to see His angels standing guard and protecting them.

God is constantly on guard, keeping watch over His children. His protection may be visible or invisible, but He is always there, stationed as a sentry on the wall. Whenever we are afraid, we can put our trust in Him, because He who keeps us never sleeps (Psalm 121:3)

"And Elisha prayed, 'O LORD, open his eyes that he may see.' Then the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and he saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha." 2 Kings 6:17 NKJV

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