Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Angel

She always made me macaroni 'n cheese. Her house was always decorated beautifully for Christmas. To know her was to know love. She was my great-grandmother. This week she would have been ninety-nine years old.

I called her Grandma Baba. Her actual name was Barbara, maybe a little too long for a toddler. We enjoyed spending time with her at her house across the state, or going to Disney World together, or just being around her. She had the heart of an angel.

She was a writer. After her husband died - we called him Big Brian - a magazine requested submissions for love letters. She wrote one, telling Big Brian about the day their children were born and how she remembered how he took care of them when they came along. When I read it recently, it made me want to cry. Not just because I miss her and I never knew Big Brian. But because of their story. She loved one man all her life. Even though Big Brian died somewhat young, she never remarried. The last line captured me the most - because of his love for her, she could continue on here. She had the memories, she had the sweet-hearted moments to cherish. Because he loved her, he left her safe.

My great-grandparents' legacy of love affected the rest of our family. My great-grandmother had a significant impact on my mom. She would take her and her brother and sister to church and pray with them. She was a part of a Godly legacy that I've inherited. One that I hope to pass on. I'm grateful for her poetry of words and life.

Is there someone in your life who has impacted you for good? A family member? Or a friend? Someone who has shown you God's love and given you wisdom along the way? Remember to pray for them this Christmas, or cherish the memory and legacy they left behind. May we be able to leave behind a Godly legacy for those who come after us.

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