Monday, November 22, 2010

Feathers, Feathers

I leave feathers everywhere. This fall I'm wearing my first coat with down feathers. But even though the coat is new, it's leaving feathers everywhere I go. I'll be standing and talking with friends when I see tiny white feathers floating through the air. Swatting them to the ground doesn't really work. They just float higher. Catching them is kinda fun, but distracting, I think, for those who stand by. Yesterday I noticed I'm not the only one with feathers. Someone at church had a feather, too.

These feathers got me thinking. Tiny white feathers aren't the only things I can leave behind everywhere I go. We can leave behind a word of encouragement, a smile, or an act of kindness.

During this holiday season, there are many opportunities to leave behind some kindness everywhere we go - at gatherings with friends and family, at church, in the neighborhood, even the mall. In the busyness of the shopping season and going places, it can be easy to pass by chances to bless people. But that is what Thanksgiving and Christmas are about - celebrating the good things God has given us. Most of all, His Son.

So wherever we go this holiday season, I hope we find a few "feathers" and leave some behind as well. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Very true! This holiday season my mom and I have decided that we're going to put together little holiday gift baskets for the elderly and take them to nursing homes. The holiday season can bring depression for some people if they lost a love one during this season before or if it's simply a reminder that they can't provide for their family... "leaving feathers" everywhere you go is a great way to spread a little Christmas spirit and most importantly, God's love.

    Great post, Katy! Thanks for sharing. Happy thanksgiving to you, too! =)


    PS: Tomorrow on my blog I will be holding a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble giveaway. Enter if you'd like! =) God bless.

  2. Hey Tessa, I think holiday gift baskets are a great idea, and I hope you and your mom enjoy giving them to the people you visit. Take care!