Friday, October 15, 2010


There's an interstate connection called "Malfunction Junction." I've been there many times. It is THE place to avoid at rush hour. A whir of traffic usually comes to a standstill for hours each day there. I don't see it as much anymore. But "malfunction" has found me anyway.

This week a few things have malfunctioned around me. A car. Then a dryer. Then a car again. But every time, when a surprise threatened the routine of life, things got fixed. Or at least, it's getting there. Every time something malfunctions, I'm grateful for the one who fixes it. Like the repairman who found a spare part that hardly exists anymore. And the neighbor who gave me a ride to church.

Malfunctions and surprises can catch us off guard. That's the best time to step back, breathe in, and pray some. Have any malfunctions found you recently? What'd you do? Do you have any advice for when those surprises come? I'm grateful that God can take the "mal" out of "malfunction," and set things right again. And sometimes, things turn out better than they once were.

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