Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Surprises

I found rust-colored leaves in the rose bush today. Every fall when the air starts to turn cold, the rose bushes blossom pink. It's always a surprise to me, since I expect roses to bloom in the spring. So while we put out pumpkins to celebrate fall, these bushes show off their flowers to celebrate the colder weather. And make me smile.

God sends us little surprises at just the right moment. Something to encourage us, cheer us up, or just because. You'd think He'd ever send us flowers? At the first house I knew, the lady who lived there before us had planted flowers, so they bloomed all year long. We were never without color in the front yard.

Simple things or grand things are all around us, reminding us of God's hand over our lives. He paints the sunsets and causes the flowers to blossom. The leaves turn, and the autumn sun hits the trees just the right way. We see God's handiwork in nature, reminding us that He's there.

What simple things make you smile? Leave a few behind here, and never stop looking.

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