Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Leaf

Fall is here. Almost. Cool breezes and turning leaves give it away. Scheduled festivals, concerts outside, and pumpkin bread cookies all tell us it's time to break out the corduroy jackets. Fall is here.

With that comes a new school year, new classes to take at church, and the launch of the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to see family and friends. Time for a new leaf.

The coldness of winter is gone, spring came and went, summer was bearable. Now, new opportunities are held out, and old responsibilities continue. Whatever God has called you to do right now for His kingdom, don't stop the work. Day in and day out, we have the chance to make a difference. Although we may not always see the results, God sees the work that each of us does for Him and His kingdom. He sees, knows, and cares. And it matters to the people He has sent us to reach. Or maybe, He has sent them to us...

What new leaves are you getting to turn right now? What old ones linger? How is God helping you in the up's and down's of the adventure? I hope you remember with every new leaf, is a new chance to bless someone. And it just seems to happen, that we are blessed in return.

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