Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beautiful Layers

I'm entering another scrapbooking contest. This one is through my favorite scrappin' store, and the ladies there told me and my mom about it personally. Stores from across the nation will send the best of their scrapbooked projects to a national show. The employees already entered a special contest just for them, and now it's the customers' turn. It will be the scrapbook event of the year. If it were only closer...

So this week I am working on the project. Once again, it has layers of paint, paper, buttons, and flowers. This one is pure girl, blue's and green's and pink's. And don't forget the stickles. As I work on this second contest project, I think about the layers it takes to make something sparkle. Many layers, many embellishments, much time.

So it is with writing. Many layers of understanding, many "embellishments," and much, much time! But the end result is a beautiful piece of art. As writers, we can easily get caught up in the technical aspects, like grammar, that missing comma, and what is that synonym? As believers in Christ, we get to learn from Him the truth of His Word and share that with others. And actually live the stories that are the medium of that truth, like those devotions that are so fun to write.

So whether you're a writer, scrapbooker, or artist, remember the layers of understanding. Be encouraged that it will be worth the time. I'm hoping something beautiful will come from it.


  1. So true, Katy! I hope you do great on your contest. Let me know how it goes!

    Stop over by my blog to pick up your "One Lovely Blog Award". :)

    God bless!


  2. I finished the last minute...waiting for results...