Tuesday, July 6, 2010

St. Louis Adventures, Part 2

We got to stay downtown in St. Louis. I've never been a true city girl, but I was for four days. Tall hotels lined the streets, along with cyber cafes, the Macy's building (yes!), and of course, Starbuck's. Starbuck's was a favorite of those who attended the retail show. My dad was one of them.

Outside our 17th floor window, I witnessed repelling across the street. I watched as two window washers secured ropes on the rooftop, and prepared for their descent. I imagined it would be exciting to repel down 15 stories, but then I looked down at the street below. Maybe not.

The window washers worked together, staying on the same floor, washing windows in unison. They weren't in a hurry and they weren't slow either. Just the right pace. Just the right swinging from window to window. It was almost like a dance.

Unity. We've just celebrated the anniversary of a beautiful country, filled with mountains and rivers, skyscrapers and farms. Each part of our country is beautiful. I discovered that in the Midwest last week. Every part of our country has something to offer, like every church scattered across America.

As we move into the next year of our country's existence, may we strive for unity in Christ, oneness in faith and love, and always follow God's plan for our lives. We each have a part to play, a role in the dance of life. So keep dancin', and God bless your part of America.

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