Thursday, July 8, 2010

St. Louis Adventures, Part 3

Networking has gone from being a computer term for me to a being a people term. At writers' conferences, a retail show, and even my favorite scrapbook store, I've learned how to network. People have ideas, and you do, too. They have things to contribute, a ministry to do, or words to say. We do, too.

In the body of Christ, we each have a part to play, a spiritual gift to stir up, and something to contribute to the greater good. When we join forces, we work stronger together than apart.

That's what I learned at this year's International Christian Retail Show. Businessmen and businesswomen worked together for the greater good. Amidst the coffee chats, book signings, and movie trailers, there was a significant purpose. To provide quality Christian products to the consumer, to get those products into the hands of people, so they're strengthened in the faith and so they can lead others to the faith.

I found the shopper in me wanting to go nuts while I was there. The paintings, the books, the movies. So while I had to restrain that joy inside, I found joy in watching the networking, and the collaberative efforts to make a difference through whatever avenue God had led each company to pursue. Thank you, ICRS and CBA, for a great event, and I hope to see you next year!

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