Friday, July 2, 2010

St. Louis Adventures, Part 1

I lost my toothpaste at security. That was at the end of the trip. I knew I might slip up and lose something at the airport checkpoints. I just didn't know it was going to be toothpaste.

The whole trip to St. Louis was an adventure. From start to finish, I enjoyed it with my family. We laughed the whole time, met new people, and found some more direction for our ministry. Where do I begin?

I had my picture taken with Veggie Tales Bob and Larry, a real-life princess, and a dragon slayer. I met Sanctus Real, the Museum, and Jeremy Camp. We mingled with publishers, film makers, and authors. It was the International Christian Retail Show. A new experience, and one I hope we get to repeat.

Held every year, the show brings together the best of Christian retail, and seeks to uphold a high standard for Christian products. My favorite part of the trip was watching people network.

The last day, we left a little early and headed to the St. Louis arch. Although we didn't go up in it, we took a lot of pictures. The sun was just right, so in the reflection of the arch, I saw a pillar of fire. It reminded me of God.

He is always with us. Standing tall. Protecting us. Whatever adventures we plan, or that find us, He knows about them and He keeps us close to His heart. I wonder what all this summer will hold...

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