Monday, July 26, 2010

My Rut

"Choose your rut carefully; you'll be in it for the next ten miles."
- Road sign in upstate New York*

This quote hit home with me today, as I thought about my progress in running. And in how we make certain decisions.

I think I'm getting the hang of running now. It's hard, but helpful. And fun. I find that I can run up the stairs at church, and can still breathe when I reach the top. Sometimes I find myself jogging in place to let out that nervous energy. The bad thing is that I'm creating tiny ruts in my carpet.

Ruts can be a good thing. Some ruts are made when we get stuck in the same spot, a spot we don't want to be in. But some ruts are made when we choose a certain habit that's actually good for us. Like for me, finally exercising. Our choices determine our ruts, like our steering on the interstate determines where we'll be for the next ten or so miles.

So what ruts do you want to be in? Or get out of? I have a list of the out-of's. My list of be-in's is growing.

*Quote taken from The Book of Positive Quotations, 2nd Edition. Steve Deger & Leslie Ann Gibson, ed. Minneapolis, MN: 1993.

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