Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Lesson in Love

Well, I didn't win in the scrapbook contest. There were other pretty things there. But I won in love. My friend who also entered and my other "teammates" cheered us on, and I found more delight in not winning (and getting to keep my entry) than in winning. Funny how things work out...

Friends are a breath of fresh air. Especially when times are hard. This summer is a hot one, and when the humidity is so bad you can't breathe, it's nice to have a fresh wind. The cool kind. Don't really get that here in July. But it's possible. Just like good friends who love you no matter what.

Who's a friend who refreshes you? How are they like a cool wind in the heat of summer? Share your thoughts and let's brag a little on the friends who mean the most to us. I'm grateful for mine.

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