Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Eagle's Story

A world of mystery is wrapped in an eagle. Behind piercing eyes and regal feathers is a story to learn from.
What makes an eagle majestic? What captures our attention? As a symbol of our nation and of victory for our lives, eagles are on my mind recently. God used eagles' wings in Isaiah to picture strength. So in honor of July 4th coming around the bend, take a look at the link. A piercing face, a telling story.

Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle Pictures, Bald Eagle Facts - National Geographic

Here's a story about an eagle saved from the wild. His name is Was'aka, which in Dakota means "strength." He's a fighter. And he even has his own blog. Take a look at the webcams on the site. I think #3 is Was'aka's "room."


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