Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Keeping Your Grip

When I was little, my school had a gymnastic swing set. I loved that thing. I tried to be a gymnast later on, but I was too tall and could never really do a cartwheel. Part of the jungle jim at school had a bar to swing upside down from. My friend always fell backwards fast. Maybe for the rush of it. It took me a while to work up the courage.

I had seen the Olympic girls on TV flip and fly through the air. A simple backwards swing wasn't that bad. But even this little metal bar, 3 feet off the ground, seemed too high. Wonder if I fell? Wonder if I lost my grip? Fear got the best me. My little six year old self didn't want to go splat.

Now we're older, and the bar is a little higher. The ground looks far away, and we've still got questions to answer. When do you swing backwards, with all your might, and pray you don't fall? When do you do something you think God is calling you to do, even if you don't know how it will turn out? How do you know when the ideas are from God, or from self? When do you wait for direction, or move forward?

What I'm learning is this: Never let go of God. And second, follow His lead. What has He told me so far? What does His Word say about this? Where is He taking me now? And then I pray. For the courage to overcome fear, for the faith to take the next step, for the closeness to Him not to miss a beat. God is always holding on to us, with His grip on us a thousand times stronger than our grip on Him. He just wants us to hold on for the ride.

Whatever questions you're asking yourself recently, I hope you remember who's holding on to you. His grip won't ever let you go.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Music

I got to thinking yesterday about hymnals. I grew up in a church where hymnals were on the back of every row. Now, we tend to learn new songs by ear, and sing them by heart. Might not be a bad thing. But what about getting on the same page?

I've tried to sing with friends and family, and sometimes it's just funny. I can't seem to find the right pitch. American Idol judges love the word "pitchy." Is that a real word? Well, when you have a leader, you know what "pitch" to follow.

God is our leader. Can you imagine what it would be like to hear God sing? And God's Word is our hymnal, filled with all kinds of styles of music, all kinds of lyrics. One sound, one voice, one song. When we harmonize with God, we can harmonize with each other.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Eagle's Story

A world of mystery is wrapped in an eagle. Behind piercing eyes and regal feathers is a story to learn from.
What makes an eagle majestic? What captures our attention? As a symbol of our nation and of victory for our lives, eagles are on my mind recently. God used eagles' wings in Isaiah to picture strength. So in honor of July 4th coming around the bend, take a look at the link. A piercing face, a telling story.

Bald Eagles, Bald Eagle Pictures, Bald Eagle Facts - National Geographic

Here's a story about an eagle saved from the wild. His name is Was'aka, which in Dakota means "strength." He's a fighter. And he even has his own blog. Take a look at the webcams on the site. I think #3 is Was'aka's "room."

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Walk in the Neighborhood

I think my neighborhood is enchanted. Whenever I walk in it, I find new things to appreciate, new discoveries to enjoy. Yesterday it was the blue and purple hydrangeas scattered across the subdivision. It was the purple finch who stopped to sing to me, and the children's laughter as they played. Simple summer pleasures.

I hope you enjoy the simple pleasures of summer, amidst the vacations and picnics, and of course, every day necessities. But even when we've got chores to do, deadlines to meet, and a busy schedule to keep, every moment can sparkle. God is with us, opening our eyes to His world. To appreciate the beauty that's there, to see the unseen.

What simple pleasures make your summer sparkle? What things delight your heart the most?