Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving Forward

After the Ridgecrest conference, my parents and I had a little adventure. Besides going to the Biltmore (which was an adventure in itself), we went to Grandfather Mountain. I saw my first bald eagle there. We drove to the top of the mountain, and parked. Before we got out of the car, Mom read the little brochure that we got at the gate. "Don't open your doors if there is a strong wind." As if on cue, a headwind rushed passed the car. "Don't walk on top of the mountain if there is rain or lightning." The clouds were gray and slightly threatening.

So we got out of the car, right side passengers first. Then the driver's side, not to open all the doors at once. We walked up the stairs to the top of the mountain. The view was amazing. I've seen the Alps, I've seen the Rockies, now I've seen Blue Ridge. We walked a little ways to the swinging bridge, 80 feet long, suspended 1 mile above sea level. I looked at it and thought, "You want me to do what?" And, "Why does it have to be a swinging bridge?"

Mom walked across with no problem. My fear got the best of me. The scratching of metal and the swinging of wire ropes made me want to go back. But we moved forward. My dad being behind me helped. The middle of the bridge had a green plank. I call them "planks," but they're made out of metal and all silver but one. This one's painted green with the words, "1 mile." At that moment, I knew we were as close to God as humanly possible with our feet on planet earth. We were walking in the clouds.

God has great things for each of us. We may not always see what's ahead, but He does. He knows how to prepare us for the journey that's ahead. Even when the metal clangs and the ropes are swinging, He reassures us that He is with us, holding our hand. He helps us to move forward in spite of our fears.

Are there any swinging bridges you need to cross? What encouragements has God given you to keep moving forward? What has helped you to overcome fear? Please share your thoughts. You never know when we're going to meet another swinging bridge.

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