Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Time

What a week! Mountains and classes. New friends and new ideas. Expanded dreams and fresh time with God. That's what this year's Blue Ridge Christian writer's conference was for me. A time to discover what God has in store, and there are fewer places as beautiful as the Blue Ridge mountains to discover it. Know what I mean?

Every day had its classes and keynote speakers, workshops and hang out times. And its beauty. Sitting under a tree in the front "courtyard," I got an idea for a devotion. I found the perfect bench, and got out my pad to take notes. Nature was speaking.

Nature is beautiful, a lot like life. But it's also dirty. (I had to get the pollen and twigs off that bench before I sat down. I've never been one to hike. Yet.) But nature is also cleansing. As I sat on that bench, the tree rained on me. Not the sky, only the tree. Earlier that morning, the leaves must have collected the rain and saved it. Just for that moment.

We can get dirty in life. Things happen, heartache comes, disappointments threaten our joy. But it doesn't have to scar us. God sends us the rain to clean us off. Sometimes the water comes as a gentle rain, sometimes it comes as a storm. But it can still cleanse us, if we're willing to get wet, learn what we can, and wait for God to send the sunshine again.

If you were at the conference this year, I hope you saw some sunshine, and endured any rain. I had many up's and down's myself. How about you? Tell me your story, tell me your dream. What did God do this week? I want to hear about your adventure.


  1. Hi Katy!
    Congrats on getting your blog up and going. I enjoyed your post about the conference. I also had many ideas and many confirmations. God continues to confirm for me the message he's placed on my heart. I strive to make it the foundation for all writing and speaking he enables me to do.
    I'll be checking in with you here.
    Jeanette Edgar

  2. Katy,
    Beautiful thoughts! I also met with God during the conference. I found confirmation in my calling to mentor new writers and through those relationships renewed my excitement in my own writing.

  3. Hey! It's exciting to have a blog now, and thank you for posting stuff! I hope the things God showed you at the conference He confirms or expands in the weeks to come. I've got so many ideas, I needed to make a plan. We'll see how it goes! Keep writing! And posting!